The Political / The Personal: The Global and Local Function of Regional Media

Submitted by David
Call For Proposals 
19th Annual NHF Summer Symposium to be held July 19-21, 2018 
-Seeking presentation proposals from archivists, collectors and academics-
Proposals Due: March 15, 2018
Conceptually connected to our more broadly conceived 2017program, NHF19 is also about regional media, regional archives, and regional work. This year, however, we hope to consider the tension (real and perceived) between regional media’s global and local functions. To this end, we invite presentations exploring the inward and outward gaze of local film, television, and video production. Our aim is to assemble a program that moves us, collectively, from materials focused on the here and now of their regional and temporal locality, to those aiming outward, to the future, to other regions, to a notion of a larger, connected community. 
Twenty-first century regional moving image archives discover and collect increasingly diverse audiovisual artifacts that represent increasingly diverse media-making populations. We seek to bring together archivists, collectors, scholars, and practitioners involved with regional AV archives—and regional AV collections within a general archives—to consider this topic from a range of perspectives. THIS IS NOT MERELY A CONCEPTUAL, ACADEMICALLY-FOCUSED SYMPOSIUM TOPIC. The personal/political dichotomy also has a profound effect on, for example, structures of institutional funding and support as well as individual and collective priorities.
Calling upon the regional moving image archive community internationally, we hope to create an atmosphere for sharing case studies, developing collaborative initiatives, discussing what works and what doesn’t, and screening/discussing representative material from the world’s regional film and AV archives. Some topics to consider…others are welcome:
--Regional collection policies regarding --Protest footage materials that DON’T reflect the locality --HYPER-local regional media --Itinerant film/filmmakers --Local/regional politics and programs --Issues of classification & cataloging --Local advertising --Film/Video journals/diaries --Region-specific media --Local coverage of global events --Regional media’s usefulness outside of its --Travelogues, tourist films, vacation locality films/videos --Campaign films --Social justice media (film, video, online) -Convention footage
Please send a 250-500 word abstract outlining your presentation idea and a brief cv via e-mail to:
The Summer Symposium Program Committee is: Devin Orgeron, North Carolina State University; Audrey Amidon, National Archives and Records Administration; Liz Czach, University of Alberta; Dino Everett, University of Southern California; Heidi Holmstrom, National Archives and Records Administration; and Jennifer Jenkins, University of Arizona. We are happy to discuss your presentation ideas with you in advance of a formal submission. The Symposium Program Committee will begin reviewing proposals on March 15, 2018 and will finalize the program by April 10, 2018.