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Fri 31 Jul, 7:00 pm - Sat 1 Aug, 7:00 pm
Sun 2 Aug, 2:00 pm!ill-see-you-in-my-dreams/cvk9

In this vibrant, funny, and heartfelt film, a widow and former songstress discovers that life can begin anew at any age.

After the death of her beloved dog, Carol (Blythe Danner) finds the everyday activities that have given her life structure – her regular bridge game, gardening, a glass of wine or two – have lost their luster. With the support of three loyal girlfriends (June Squibb, Rhea Perlman, and Mary Kay Place), Carol decides to embrace the world, embarking on an unlikely friendship with her pool maintenance man (Martin Starr), pursuing a new love interest (Sam Elliott), and reconnecting with her daughter (Malin Akerman).
95 minutes

A HUGE "Thank you" to our sponsor, The Magnificent Rayman. Yes, he is a cat. A cat with a great sense of charity and social responsibility.

Wed 5 Aug, 5:00 pm

Social worker Dan Cohen, through his nonprofit organization Music and Memory, advocates for the use of music therapy for dementia patients.